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Specialties – how can this help me?

I specialize in you - as an individual, with your own health issues, goals and challenges. I am an excellent sleuth – helping to put together the parts and pieces that are contributing to your health and wellness picture, from all aspects of your life. Once I talk you through how these are connected and affecting your current state of being, together we come up with a plan of action to shift habits or ways of thinking into a direction that will allow you to heal, grow and achieve your goals.

My food philosophy is built on a foundation of whole foods. Local, seasonal, and organic foods, closest to their original state are the base of the dietary options we chat through. Then we tailor it for you, specific to your current situation.

What I do not do is focus only on one concern without taking into account the whole person. I do not design menu plans, cook for you, or put you on a ‘diet’ in the traditional sense of the word. There’s going to be some serious work on your part. My role is not to ‘fix’ you, but to enable you to fix yourself!

"Angela takes a thorough approach to developing a nutritional plan by considering my personal and work demands. The goals we’ve developed together are practical and realistic. My ongoing consultation with Angela allows for adjustments to my plan for my personal situation and I have experienced an improvement with my sinus problems, energy levels and personal stress."

– Amanda A., Toronto

Key Focuses

Though I’m versed and happy to help with many health conditions, some of my key focuses include -

  • The world of overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout - setting dietary and lifestyle habits that help you feel in control once again, including adrenal support and recovery.

  • Digestive challenges – addressing digestion, gut lining health, the microbiome and our GI’s nervous system.

  • Hormone balancing – cycle irregularities, PMS, PCOS, cysts, endometriosis, fertility challenges, menopausal or andropausal symptoms, low energy and mood, depression, anxiety, and weight challenges.

  • Nutritional support for cancer care and recovery (and other chronic illness ) – whether you are going through or have gone through allopathic, alternative, or no treatments, supporting the body and the diet to recover and buffer the effects of a major disease.​

  • Making it stick – getting your brain and emotions working with you, instead of against you. We’re always working on habit forming, accountability, and goal setting to make these changes lifelong and not just a fad you once went through.


  • Getting back to the basics – talking through how to eat and what to keep in check for you and your family, based on your current habits and health. This can be especially helpful for those with children, to get through some of that overwhelm that can come from too many choices and too much information.

"I had the great fortune of meeting Angela Wright through InspireHealth during my cancer treatment in 2013.  Angela’s holistic approach to nutritional healing with respect to the body, mind and spirit has been extremely influential, and she continually encourages me to follow my heart, to allow myself to heal and move forward, and to use “food as thy medicine”.  She is not only a nutritionist, but an “inspirational coach” on supporting the connection of mind, body, and spirit for overall health.  I am truly grateful for her constant encouragement, availability and expertise. Angela will forever be in my heart."

– Corrine S., Abbotsford

"Ange has been an immense support navigating my physical and mental health over the last few years. Ange has a special way of simplifying information via diagrams and analogies to make it understandable and picking a few tangible next steps to focus on to move forward."

– Zahra, 26

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