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Align Nutrition


with Angela Wright, BSc, CNP, RNCP/ROHP

I'm Ange. Nice to meet you!

I specialize in ‘a-ha moments’, by helping to connect the dots of your health puzzle. Together, we evaluate your signs and symptoms to find out what needs some adjustments, then support you to do the work, make the changes, and push your edges so you can become your own complete picture of health and happiness!

Align Nutrition operates by these principles:


on whole foods and what they can do for the body and health


on how food and lifestyle choices can help or hinder physical and emotional health


by tweaking and upgrading current choices to achieve new healthy lifelong habits



After some sleuthing, we’ll discuss the ‘whys’ behind your health struggles, and together we’ll come up with manageable action steps to turn new healthy choices into habits. Let’s work through your challenges together!

New Practitioner

One-on-One Mentorship

As a recent graduate, you may have some questions, anxiety, or feel overwhelmed with the potential recommendations you could give a new client. This is your chance to bounce ideas off of a seasoned practitioner.

Corporate and Community Speaking & Workshops

Whether it’s a team lunch ‘n’ learn, group cooking class, or event lecture, learning with others can come with the accountability that can make new habits easier to build and maintain.

Media and

Brand Partnerships

Are you looking for a holistic nutrition expert to work with, or represent you? Looking for a blog writer or podcast guest? Happy to discuss opportunities!

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